Posted 19th Sep 2022
My wife has an 11 pro max 512gb which she loves and uses extensively every day. Her main uses are Instagram, tiktok, taking pictures and videos and watching lots of TV (not high quality movies)

I love technology and am constantly switching devices but I use android where the changes are more dramatic. As far as I can tell the newer iPhone don't offer a lot of improvements, faster processors (its already so fast that in normal use I doubt she would notice) better cameras (This I think is the biggest draw for her but her phone is already very capable) bigger brighter screen (not by much though and the main uses are indoors so the brightness is not really required) magsafe (This is something I think is pretty cool but she will not find interesting) promotion display (definitely a nice improvement that I would miss in any phone but she said she couldn't notice the difference looking at my 120hz devices) new notification pill (I personally think that's a huge downgrade, worsens many interactions and is more visible especially when watching videos)

Now she thinks I'm being stingy saying there isn't much reason to upgrade and I don't have a problem spending the money if I saw a reason to (I'm not the holder of the purse strings, it's her money she just trusts me with tech purchases)

So in conclusion am I missing something? Is there any other reasons to upgrade or maybe just upgrade to the 12 or 13 Pro max instead? (I think the 12 is a downgrade because of battery so really I think go for the 13, 14 or just wait another year) if they had added pen support, usb c or some other new feature I'd think it's time to upgrade, I suppose the 11 Pro just seems such a good device as it is to me.
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    Nope. What’s the point? If it’s working fine and she’s happy let her keep it. It still has 2 good years left in it yet.
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    I went from the x to the 13 pro and the difference is amazing. I’m always on my phone for business and personal. Camera massive upgrade, process a lot of quicker, battery amazing. In all honesty the gap between the 11 and 14 I would upgrade with no question
    I could be wrong and happy to be corrected but I think most of the upgrades you see on the 13 were present in the 11, specifically battery, performance and camera but I think all have been improved again but just not by as much. I guess any improvement is nice and it is pleasant to get new things.
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    I wouldn't personally. That said, if she wants to upgrade go for it.
    I think this is exactly my sentiment, I definitely wouldn't and would wait for a bigger change (next year they have to use usb c don't they?) But if she want it ...
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    My wife has just been upgraded by her wonderful husband to 14 pro from her XS Max and I think she is thrilled with it.

    My daughter has just been upgraded by her wonderful dad to 14 pro from her 13 pro and I think she is thrilled with it.

    Having done my research, the upgrade from 13 pro to 14 (non pro) would not have been worth the cost but 13 pro to 14 pro had enough improvements to make it worthwhile.
    Seems a bit crazy to upgrade from 13 Pro to 14 Pro, but if you have the money spare I guess
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    Bought the 14 Pro as an upgrade to the 11 Pro... it's going back, the benefits really are so marginal.

    Bit faster day to day, nicer scrolling but the camera isn't as a big a step up as I expected. Selfie camera seems a bit better, the rear cameras seem the same for still photos.

    Worth it for a couple of hundred quid, but at £1100 (- £400 for the old 11 Pro) - nope.
    thanks that's interesting to hear and about what I thought. I think that says more about how good old iPhone are than how bad the new ones are, they still seem like great devices. Now to convince my wife, I'm thinking for the cost she could get an ipad mini and still have a load of cash left over. She doesn't have the same priorities as me though so we will see.
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    The only reason that I’d upgrade from an 11 pro to a 14 pro would be for 5g, and for the extra money that’s just not worth it IMO.

    There have been camera upgrades; night mode etc, but the 11 pro still has wide angle, standard and zoom lenses and takes very good pictures.
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    The improvements are marginal at best
    14 Pro's improvements include:

    Dynamic Island

    ProMotion Display

    Always-on Display

    Better Battery Life

    Upgraded Cameras

    How important these are, of course, dependant on your personal needs and wants.
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    Still rolling with the 11 pro max myself and cannot justify upgrading yet with the current offerings. This phones decent enough.
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    to watch videos and take pictures. nope
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    I think the 14 pro is a downgrade from the 13 pro tbh I'd wait another year the 11 pro is still a good phone you could even replace the battery and get another 2-3 years out of it