Should someone visiting the UK send me a postcard?

Found 27th Sep 2016
One of my friends is visiting the UK in a few weeks and they want to send postcards. Is it a good idea for them to send me a Postcard if I live in the UK? Some people think it's weird but I'm not really sure.

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Anything to give Royal Mail something productive to do, they are mostly stuffing junk mail into my letterbox these days. oO
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What's the harm? Pin it on your fridge as a memory.

Is this a joke?

I'm not getting it.

Postcards are also about the message and so not weird.

Why not?
Years ago it was normal to send postcards to friends and family when on holiday in the UK, then mobile phones made it cheap and easy to call home so many people didn't bother with postcards any more.
There's nothing "weird" about it, maybe a bit old fashioned but a nice gesture from your friends, so just accept it in the spirit that was intended.
It doesn't matter what other people think.

Depends if they are staying with you. That could weird.

I assume they are visiting elsewhere in the UK and not visiting you.
If they won't be seeing you at all then I see no reason not to send a postcard.

Be very careful. Some postcards can pass a virus on to your letterbox which will then cause problems with your other mail.

Is this a serious question,why are you asking us whether your friend should send you a postcard X)
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