Should the UK sell energy companies to foreign countries

    I feel awkward about this one. I know France is seen as 'friendly' but so was Russia a few years back and they restricted energy supplies for their neighbours when they have had disputes. I am aware that France has expertise in Nuclear Power. Are we right to enter such agreements when energy is such a basic resource.


    see now this is why i choose not to listen to the news, its just to scary for my liking.

    ""Are we right to enter such agreements when energy is such a basic resource."

    no - totally disagree with the sale to foreign companies

    we have no jurisdiction on how they run their business (from a monetary aspect) and could be left well and truly in the dark - happened in u.s some years ago (california) so many companies selling - as you rightly say ' a basic resource' - to these companies it is not about providing us with this - its pleasing the share holder and getting bonuses for the execs -

    well we have sold everything else _ arriva, (busses) the bridge at bristol , water -just to name a few, no wonder this country is as it is we are selling everything to the French
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