Should we be devastated?

    Mrs barky is beginning to suspect that the dalmation may "like" other dalmations.

    should we confront him or just crawl into a corner and sob uncontrollably at the humiliation of it all?



    dog or bitch


    dog or bitch

    you don't beat around the bush do you

    Original Poster


    dog or bitch

    tha dalmation or mrs barky?:whistling:

    Theres a 101 answers to this question :whistling:

    Take him to a strip bar. Even if it doesnt do him any least you will enjoy yourself!!!

    I think that devastation is the correct emotion in this circumstance.:thumbsup:
    Surely there must be rehabilitation/training centres for this sort of thing.
    What a shock. I hope you have managed to keep it from your children.:w00t:

    What do you want a dalmation to like.........Cats.
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