shouldi change my driving instructer?

Found 29th Feb 2008
Hi ive been having driving lessons for the last few months and im begining to think my instructer isnt much good,hes only been doing the lessons for 2 years now,evertime he picks me up hes late by 10 -15 min,has only taken me round the test route once-somthing i think i should be driving around every times i hand over the money after a 2hr lesson i feel is wasted,what would you guys do?change instructer
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My daughter had the same, we wated a lot of money, in the end I bought her a car £700 insured it (learner drivers are cheaper to insure than new drivers) it cost 600 to insure 3rd party fire aand theft and she learned in that, I think we saved a lot of time and a lot of expense and at the end of it you will still have the car - she also started building her no claims as a learner driver
good luck
Go with your instincts- if you don't feel happy with the service, then change just like you would with anything else.
If it's any help, I and a few others who have been in a similar situation have all used a national like BSM or AA driving schools. Although they may charge a slightly higher hourly rate, you usually learn quicker so better in the long run.
Good Luck!
As said use your own instincts, but, note there is no such thing as a Test route. There are certain things that have to be included and depending on location there may only be one or two areas near you to use. Where you drive is irrelevant, it's how you drive that matters. As for the lateness, finish 15 mins later, you are entitled to your 2hrs. If he doesnt like it report him to the test centre.
What you need is an instructor that will teach you to Drive not pass a 'test'
These instructors are few and far between and tend to be expensive but then again its a whole life skill so its worth it IMHO
Speak to your local Institute of Advanced Drivers or RoSPA Advanced Drivers centre who will be happy to point you in the right direction.
If you have difficulty finding your local contact feel free to pm me with your area/town and I will let you know the contact info

Go with your instincts- if you don't feel happy with the service, then … Go with your instincts- if you don't feel happy with the service, then change just like you would with anything else.If it's any help, I and a few others who have been in a similar situation have all used a national like BSM or AA driving schools. Although they may charge a slightly higher hourly rate, you usually learn quicker so better in the long run.Good Luck!

I've had 4 lessons now with BSM. The instructor I have is great and well worth the money, however my 1st lesson was with someone who nearly made me crash, stalled at the top of my road, didnt explain basic things like how far to turn the steering wheel, didnt even mention changing the head rest even though he was a LOT taller than me.

So even with BSM you can get a bad instructor. I complained and swopped and am now picking things up really quickly. After my first lesson i nearly gave up
I used a private instructor who taught me to drive and then taught me how to approach the test. He always said that I would then pass the test could I could drive rather than pass the test. I agree with the comments that the very fact you are posting this means you should change - NOW! Dont wait until the next lesson, ring and tell him your not happy and thanks but no thanks. Remember, its the same as anything else if your not happy or its not working then dont pay or at least dont go again. Its only really the same as a restaurant where the chef is not good.
Its your money and you deserve the best chance. Shop around and good luck!
When I was learning to drive there were times when after a lesson I felt that it had been a waste of time, my instructor had taken me on test routes loads of times and on the day of my test one of the major road was closed so ended up doing my test on road i had never driven on before, and I passed, as already said your instructor should be teaching you to drive not helping you memorise a route.
It's a difficult call choosing a driving instructor, I agree with the comments about going with what you're comfortable with. I was quite lucky in my choice of driving instructor, I went through AA and simply went with the first one that had a Mitsubishi the reason being my Mum's car at the time was a Mitsubishi and the controls are the other way round, indicators are on the right. It was good having controls that were similar but the instructor was excellent, he took me along at a good pace and I passed my test before long.

By the time my younger brother was learning to drive it was a Metro he would be practicing in so we went with a different instructor as the swapped round controls would be confusing. That was a mistake, he was taken through the middle of time and was put off driving for almost a year. He went with my instructor and got on fine.

It's a bit of minefield overall as some of my friends had driving instructors who took them along far too slowly and others who got it completely wrong and went too fast putting the person off driving entirely. IF you're unsure of a driving instructor it's worth getting recommendations from friends as those can be very valuable.

Hey - for what it's worth - in case you are still readig all of these reply's I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of what has been said here.....

The very fact that you are not happy and asking the question is probably enough of reason to change.... hink about the comment made earlier about the BSM (or similar near you)...

Whether this turns ito a debate about 'learning to drive' or 'learning ho to pass a test' is imaterial, as that wasn't your question.

The LAST thing you want to be doing is wondering if the instructor is going to turn up on tim for your last lesson before the test and so on...... It can be nearve wracking enough learning to drive, as well as nervous gtting in to a car with somebody you don't really know and one who doesn't have the manners to turn up on time...

After all you ARE paying him/her!

Take the advice here from the others - or at the very least think about it in depth - I think they all want you to change to an alternative instructor - who will hopefully teach you BOTH!

Finally, whatever you do - you must feel happy, as calm as possible and as confident as you can! You WILL get there!!

Once you are driving it is the BEST.


and you know what to do!!!!

Rember the Highway code!!

I had 12 lessons and then passed 1st time.

I thought at the start that my instructor was no good and I didnt like where we were driving. I stuck with it and I later found it was just the why I felt about the area and learning new things, and nothing to do with the instructor. One thing he told me after my test, something which I did not think to ask was, " Good I still have my 100% pass rate". So ask your instructor what their pass rate is, if they start umming and arhing, get the yellow pages out.

I have a friend who just qualify as an instructor about 8 months ago, But you have to remember how long they have driven before that. He has driven for over 20 years, driven tanks, lorries, tour coaches, cars, local busses and lots of other things.And please remember if your instructor is late, it is possibly because the pupil he has before you is never on time, or maybe he doesnt cut the lesson dead at exactly 2hours.

On a final note my Aunt told me once that she had an [COLOR="Red"]excellent instructoress[/COLOR], she use to let her stop for a smoke or to go to the shop ect. I couldnt believe she was paying this woman to allow her to smoke and go shopping. Unbelievable. after SIX years my aunt gave up as she still couldnt drive.
thanks for the replys.another thing that happend on my driving lesson the other day.when i got in the car my instructer warned me that his boot kept unlocking itself and might come up done.this happend on a dual carcige way so i pulled over in the layby.while i was waiting he noticed a hub cap and thought it was one of his so i ended up waiting in the car while he went to get the end he didnt get it as the road was to that was 10 min of my time.

You know it is what you need to do! Its fate!!!

Have you got any mates who have passed already?
I would look at your passed mates, and choose who you think is one of the safest drivers out of them.
Then speak to them about their instructor (what they thought etc)
How many lessons have you had?
Just that you mentioned the test route, but unless your a couple of weeks from your test, i wouldn't have thought you'd be driving around it anyway?
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