Shouldn't Google Chrome Stop Pop-Ups?

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Found 8th May 2009
PC's been running sweet as of late untill my daughter went on the net last night, she came off and i went and now i have pop ups popping up on sites i normally use. I thought Chrome has it's own built in pop blocker?

I also have Spybot tea timer running to stop pop ups and i have ran Ad-Aware and found about 191 infections, it has left 81 behind and not deleted them.

One more thing, my daughter has her own sign in and she still uses IE, she has Yahoo and Google pop up blockers on the go when viewing the net.

So is this a problem with Chrome?? or should i look into another ad remover programme?

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i would personally change the ad remover program..both of them..

Ditch IE and go with firefox with ad blocker extension.

Iv been using firefox for years with avast anti virus and never have any problems... iv never even had anything show up when i scan for adware n such.

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Ok Thomas, this is the first time this has happened actually in years so what site she's been going on i don't know!

can you not look through the history ??

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Yeah i'll have a butchers.

get a program called CCleaner.... nice little system cleanup tool...
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