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This is the place to post your very own photos of hols, scenes, wildlife and all things of interest. Accompanying descriptions and information, plus general photography chat are very welcome (but NOT so keen on 'just chat').

All the new camera owners --- get your pics in here. Pics from phones, point and shoots, bridge cameras, and D/SLRs - post them here and tell us about them. There's hardly anything as good as seeing that one in a hundred pic on your screen and we love them all.

This is our 10th year of 'the photo thread' but we love to see pics by new people so please don't be shy. If your pic is pro quality then ...brilliant .... but if it's a phone pic of your much loved dog then that's brilliant as well.

Not sure about something? You might find the answer in posts #1 – 9.

In the latest layout, there is the great list of liked photos etc in the Top Comments section - to get to the info posts you need to scroll past the Top Comments to the All Comments section i.e. the thread!!! lol .....


#1 How to post a pic & How to upload photos to this thread

#2 Monthly competition info - there are RULES , but no prizes!

#3 Software for editing & resizing

#4 Useful photography sites

#5 Links to old threads and summaries

#6 Misc

#7 Misc 2

#8 monthly winners

#9 Spare

If, by any chance, you want constructive (ONLY constructive!) criticism and don't mind on what aspect of your photo it is based then type RIA (Rip it apart) next to it. If you are looking for specific feedback, then ask for that. If you want advice on how to do something then just ask!

PLEASE NOTE- the photos in this thread have been posted by the people who took them and they are very kindly sharing. Please ask if you have a specific reason for copying and don't 'use' them without permission.

Photo-contributors, if you don't want to risk your image being copied, then it's not a bad idea to post a low resolution photo, it won't look as good on screen as a high res. one but it will be pretty useless for commercial etc purposes.

The alternative, for lovely high res pics, is to watermark them in some way. Be careful though with watermarking, as we can't have business names or some-such that could be construed, in any way, as business names/self-promotion on HUKD. Anything doubtful in any way will be deleted. A watermark would generally be across the image, in order to render it useless to someone copying it.

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