Show us your Photos 2023. December's Theme - Christmas

Posted 7th Jan 2023
This is the place to post your very own photos of hols, scenes, wildlife and all things of interest. Accompanying descriptions and information, plus general photography chat are very welcome (but NOT so keen on 'just chat').

All the new camera owners --- get your pics in here. Pics from phones, point and shoots, bridge cameras, and D/SLRs - post them here and tell us about them. There's hardly anything as good as seeing that one in a hundred pic on your screen and we love them all.

This is our 10th year of 'the photo thread' but we love to see pics by new people so please don't be shy. If your pic is pro quality then ... brilliant ... but if it's a phone pic of your much loved dog then that's brilliant as well.

Not sure about something? You might find the answer in posts #1 – 9.

In the latest layout, there is the great list of liked photos etc in the Top Comments section - to get to the info posts you need to scroll past the Top Comments to the All Comments section i.e. the thread!!!


#1 How to post a pic & How to upload photos to this thread

#2 Monthly competition info - there are RULES , but no prizes!

#3 Software for editing & resizing

#4 Useful photography sites

#5 Links to old threads and summaries

#6 Misc

#7 Misc 2

#8 monthly winners

#9 Spare

If, by any chance, you want constructive (ONLY constructive!) criticism and don't mind on what aspect of your photo it is based then type RIA (Rip it apart) next to it. If you are looking for specific feedback, then ask for that. If you want advice on how to do something then just ask!

PLEASE NOTE- the photos in this thread have been posted by the people who took them and they are very kindly sharing. Please ask if you have a specific reason for copying and don't 'use' them without permission.

Photo-contributors, if you don't want to risk your image being copied, then it's not a bad idea to post a low resolution photo, it won't look as good on screen as a high res. one but it will be pretty useless for commercial etc purposes.

The alternative, for lovely high res pics, is to watermark them in some way. Be careful though with watermarking, as we can't have business names or some-such that could be construed, in any way, as business names/self-promotion on HUKD. Anything doubtful in any way will be deleted. A watermark would generally be across the image, in order to render it useless to someone copying it.

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    Belated results!!

    - 2 votes
    -8 votes
    - 6 votes
    - 6 votes
    - 6 votes
    - 1vote
    -1 vote

    7 entries with 13 members voting and 30 votes cast.

    1st Place
    Joint 2nd Place -

    Well done all. Wongy111 gets to pick September's theme.

    Please feel free to like any or all the entries now the comp is over. (edited)
  2. Hacked's avatar

    I wanted to photograph the pod on a newspaper but I couldn't find one.

    So it's on a bit of plywood painted white I use for my drone to land on.

    The internet provided "a newspaper on a coffee table" e.g.:

    Then easy enough to add the two together:-

    Hardest bit was drawing the face (which was an afterthought) by hand...

    Like I said, If I'd had a newspaper to hand it would have been one shot. I could have used a dictionary page I suppose....
    fern37's avatar
    Amazing and a lot of thought gone into it.
  3. Hacked's avatar
    Adobe CC Photoshop and Lightroom 1 yr plan £74.99 for Prime Members today and tomorrow.…YO/

    Goes into basket at £119, discount applied at checkout.

    Can be added to an unexpired license to extend by 12 months.

  4. fern37's avatar
    2 days left to get a comp entry together. The theme is 'Geometric Shapes'
  5. Hacked's avatar


    This would constitute a "budget" setup The whole lot weighs about 8-9kgs.

    Left(ish) to right:

    Guiding equipment:

    Svbony finderscope £54.99…BJ/
    ZWO ASI 224mc camera ~£205…tml

    Imaging equipment:

    2nd hand Canon 200mm F2.8 MkII ~ £400
    iShoot C720XXB Tripod Mount Ring £23…X7/
    ZWO ASI 533MC Pro camera ~ £950…tml

    Between lens and camera:

    Antlia ALP-T dual narrowband filter £400…271

    (to combat light pollution from living in a city rather than the countryside)

    Equatorial mount:

    iOptron SmartEQPro ~£450…htm

    Mini PC to control everything:

    ZWO ASI Air Plus £330…tml

    The fluffy things wrapped around the scope and lens are USB heaters to stop dew forming on the front elements

    49750927-l4ETq.jpg (edited)
    Bobbajob's avatar
    Awesome set up. And amazing results.
  6. Hacked's avatar

    Is this budgetty enough…ope

    A video with some end results here

    It's long as it includes the full processing steps but there are chapters in the description.
    rap451's avatar
    Now that looks like something I could get my head around.
    I reckon I can save my pennies and purchase something like this for my birthday or Christmas wishlist.
    Thanks for the pointer.
  7. Hacked's avatar
  8. Hacked's avatar
    Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop & Lightroom 1 year plan £87.74…PYO

    Can be tagged onto the end of an existing subscription. Code via email.
    Anand_Yogino's avatar
    Thanks for the reminder Hacked. I will go for this.
  9. rap451's avatar
    This is the camera I'd like to be fair, just cant justify the the price, I just probably would use it enough!

    BTW, I do like the thread, a number of 'experts' saying its trash, etc. Always makes me laugh that people cant fathom that all items are personal preference and if it works for them, well good for them.

    For example, I waded in a bought an iPhone 14 Pro, its a hefty price p/m, but its what works for me. I could probably buy a device at 1/2 its price that will do virtually the same thing but its my choice.
  10. fern37's avatar
    Today is the Photo Comp Entry Day. The theme is 'Odd One Out'

    The photo must have been taken in July 2023. Please mark 'this is my entry' next to it. Can we keep chat to a minimum so that all entries are kept together.

    I have messaged all members reminding them that is entry day.

    ***No liking of any comp entries today***
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    Looking for few pointers, picked up a small portable telescope, scondhand but as new condition, one of these….…tml

    Anyway is was some what cheaper than from the shop/online, it also had what looks like one of these….…3UV

    question is:
    T-adapter means what?

    Also, would there be a way to use my iPhone with this general setup to take say, moon, planet photos from the back yard/garden?

    Richard (edited)
    Hacked's avatar
    The T-adapter is for attaching a DSLR camera. It fits inside the focuser and locks usually with one or two knurled screws. It has a standard thread which iirc will accept another adapter called a T Ring for a specific camera; Canon, Nikon, Sony etc

    Yes you can use your iPhone to take pictures of the moon etc. using a technique called eyepiece projection. I haven't done this myself but have a look here...…ex/

    That might be a tad overwhelming so start here perhaps…es/
  12. rap451's avatar
    Boys and girls, I visit here daily, APOD.

    Maybe a photo opportunity at the end of August for testing your night photo skills/tests/trials.
    A Blue Moon, happen every couple of years.…tml
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    If you want to learn about astrophotography there are some great content creators on YouTube. If you search for Nebula Photos you will find a channel with loads of great content. Some basic and some advanced stuff.

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    Voting Over. Results as follows

    - 2 votes
    - 0 votes
    - 2 votes
    - 5 votes
    - 3 votes
    - 1 vote
    - 2 votes
    - 13 votes
    - 3 votes
    - 4 votes
    - 2 votes
    - 6 votes
    - 2 votes
    - 1 vote
    - 0 votes

    15 entries with 19 members casting 46 votes. Thank you to all who took part.

    winner 2nd 3rd

    Congratulations I will email over the code to you, from You also get to pick March's theme.

    Now that the comp is over, please feel free to like any/all of the entries. (edited)
    Frenchmeister's avatar
    Thank you to those who voted for me 🏻
  14. RedNWhite's avatar
    Many happy returns on your birthday Fern 🍾🎁🎂

    Was thinking about this month's theme, and as it is Valentine's Day this month, keeping it simple and going for a touch of red. Basically a photo with any amount of red in it.
    fern37's avatar
    Spookily, that's what I thought the theme was going to be!! I got my nails painted red so I'll just take a pic of them!!
  15. Hacked's avatar
    4 frame GIF file, makes it easier to see the bolt....

  16. rap451's avatar
    Little photo of back garden raised bed.
    Didn't go to plan. But I think it's ok. Surprisingly though half of these are weeds apparently!


    psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    A weed is just a plant in the wrong place. Those all look like they're in the right place to me
  17. Hacked's avatar
  18. rap451's avatar
    Stumbled on this fella’s site, some blinding images / compositions / locations he goes too!
  19. Hacked's avatar
    If anyone would like to understand what the likes of Photoshop / Lightroom can do for their images and who has a device capable of shooting RAW files (or DNG) rather than jpg or png files feel free to reply to this comment and we can discuss.

    RAW files contain WAY more data than compressed images like JPGs and can be adjusted in many (sometimes ludicrous!) ways.

    SOME modern phones can shoot RAW / DNG as do most DSLRs / Mirrorless cameras but a lot of people are fearful of

    ^^^^^^ CHANGING SETTINGS ^^^^^^

    Nothing to be afraid of there and lots to gain.

    Just testing the water (edited)
    Meathotukdeals's avatar
    Yes. Can you apply colour correction from a Kodak Grey Card (not sure if the 18% grey or white side would be best) that isn't in the frame that is to be corrected, but was in a frame under the same lighting?
  20. fern37's avatar
    Reminders sent out about tomorrow being comp entry day.

    Only person I couldn't message was
    MrSwitch's avatar
    sorry Fern, currently have PM switched off
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    Photoshop CC + Lightroom 1 yr 20Gb plan £68.99. Not seen it cheaper than that for a while. Can be tagged on the end of an existing subscription. Full price usually £119.

    Will also give you access to Photoshop Beta with numerous new AI tools…PYO
    Anand_Yogino's avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I checked the other day and it was still full price. This is an excellent deal!
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