Showbox and Bubbleupnp (or alternative) for PS3

Found 23rd Apr 2014
Does anyone know if it is possible to show tv shows and movies from showbox on the ps3 using the bubbleupnp app without first downloading what you want to watch. I am using my moto g phone to open showbox, I select what I want to watch, then de-select the internal player- I am then given a list of options with which to open the file, if I select mx player it plays on my phone and if I select bubbleupnp it will not play at all as seems to be looking for a compatible media player. I am able to play my local media on the PS3 but don't seem to be able to work out if/ how to do use showbox? If it is not possible can someone describe to me if it will work with a chromecast and the difference? Thanks
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I would like to know this too!
I don't think you can watch show box movies being streamed straight on the ps3.

if there's a way I'd like to know too
Any luck with this yet guys?
Yes possible.Done it once but cant again.Share bubb playlists rencent.Can download first to showbox
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