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Showbox download to a external SD

Posted 2nd Dec 2014

Is it possible to make Showbox download to a external SD card? I have tried downloading them internally and moving the files manually but it wont let me do that either :-|

Thanks All :-)
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I think from 4.4 3rd party apps can't write to the SD card.

Can you locate the files from your file manager? Try cut & pasting them to the SD card.
As mention above I have tried that (with 2 apps) and it says "File cannot be Moved" really helpful error lol
you need to use the file manager that shipped with your phone, ES / astro etc won't work
I have the Hudl2 and can't see a built in device manger
Yeah I think it only goes to internal storage.
Can be done with ES file explorer, a bit fiddly but bring up file in show box, hard press be sure to hard press or it just brings up options to open file etc, tick the box on the right, then in bottom right corner press MORE then MOVE TO then top left corner press arrow to open storage options bring up SD card 1 and move it to the folder of your choice. Have used this method myself and it does work.
Sorted it. Looks like the Hudl needed a cold boot. Thanks all
On the topic of showbox can anyone use 4g or even 3g data to stream when they are out?
It just works on wifi for me for some reason
I have downloaded shoebox but want to download the films so my child can watch them when we are out of the house, my skills are very basic, I pressed download instead of watch movie and nothing happened, can anybody please help, thank you
So this will never be possible to download straight to sd card under 4.x??!?
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