shower curtain for u shaped shower rail

    I got a u shaped rail installed but cant seem to find any curtains to fit it?

    Any one got and sites that sell them


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    croydex - Hook and Glider Pack
    for Professional Profile 400 & 800 Standard Shower Rail

    Suitable for use with both Module 4 Profile 400 and 800 Rails where more than one shower curtain is required.

    Why can't you use a standard one?

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    to long for all the hooks


    to long for all the hooks

    Long in length ?..........couldnt you just hem it ?

    Or cut it to size, straight edge and a sharp knife should make short work of it.

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    length from rail to bath not issue its how long it is from one side of rail to other, and i dont do sewing

    So its the width , are there not enough hooks that you got with the rail for all the rings in the curtain ?
    If so see if you can buy extra hooks or cut it down to size if you dont do sewing .

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    Oh got a cheapo from argos for £2 and it is up at the moment will see how it gets on but not holding my breath.
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