Shower gel that lathers and smells like Molton Brown but is roughly half the price?

Posted 28th Jan 2023
Molton Brown is wonderful to have once in a while but it's not something I can afford to use all the time.

I'm on a quest to find a shower gel that smells just as sophisticated and lathers just as well from a small amount, but is roughly half the price at around £8-12

I have a tabac shower gel, its one of my favourite smells but it's rubbish at lathering, even though it's roughly a quarter of the price of MB, it would take twice as long for me to finish a bottle of MB.

Neals Yard is an example of something that is what I see as an equivalent, but its £7 per 100ml and MB is around £22 for 300ml...

Please do share your finds! : )
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    I use MB but also use The White Company bath and shower gels. You can often get them in the sale, but at full price they are £13 for 250ml and there is always a 10% code.
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    Try a Molton Brown outlet store.
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    I don't have any that could compare to Molton brown but what I can say is check your local tkmaxx or online as sometimes they might have them in stock. I found the Pecksniffs Mens Hair & Body wash which is usually £30 for £7.99 in my local tkmaxx
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    Molton Brown have a few outlet stores that sell their products at a lower price. Amazon also occasionally have the shower gels at a good price (look out for subscribe and save vouchers that you can apply).
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    I'm guessing you're a man if you use Tabac Shower Gel!

    I'm not sure if they have a men's range but I've always liked the Sanctuary Shower Gels (I think they are a Boots-own brand) - was impressed by the lather and lingering scent whenever I've used it, it's definitely a bit more luxurious than bog standard shower gels.

    I'll throw a few unisex wild cards at you - old classics like Badedas Shower Gel (though I'm not sure it lathers as richly as you'd like - it does have a nuclear scent that lingers - it's very pine green and woodsy).

    There's also all manner of Fenjal "Classic" toiletries (lots more than there used to be! like talcum, lotions, deodorant, etc) - I can recommend their bath oil, I'd imagine their shower gel (I see Shower Creme and Body Wash as options, assume the Creme would be more what you're looking for) would be just as lovely.

    Weirdly, Pecksniffs was on poundshop dot com at one point (HUKDers called the brand all sorts of "comedy" names). (edited)
    Badedas bubble bath has been a staple in our family for donkeys years. I think I've tried the shower gel before, might need to give it another go... I'll also check out Fenjal and Pecksniff products. Many thanks
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    You asked this exact question about Jo Malone but now changed to Molton Brown?? (edited)
    Oh damn, I've been caught red handed... I got the names mixed up!
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    I havent found anything that comes close, not even other luxury brands such as L'Occitane or Bvlgari. I always forget how little MB you need and use far more than I need to when I do use it.
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    Didn’t realise MB was that expensive? My wife got MB something or the other as Xmas presents this year and last, both sitting here not being used. Might to have lather up now
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    Is there any particular body wash you can recommend?
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    Amazon are still doing 2 for £28. (edited)
    I've had a look and can't seem to find this 2 for £28 you mention. Could you please link me this deal?
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    Wife loves it. Me bad, body wash not shower gel but difference?

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    I got loads of MB when John Lewis had a glitch
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    I was thinking, blimey Molton Brown's shot up in price. Did a Google, and turns out I got it mixed up with bloomin Baylis & Harding... Gah.
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