shower mixer

    looking for a showr mixer thts not to cheap and nasty but not to expensive,

    also to fix roundish short squarish taps

    the tap is like retangle instead of the round ones.

    any one got any ideas

    can upload images if needed


    Hudson Reed do some decent mixers, sold in many places on the web, lots of fleabay.

    You need to know what type valve you require, thermostatic controlled (recommended) or freeflow (cheaper). You need to know to the type of hot water system you have, direct (high pressure) or indirect (traditional header tank). Do you require a shower booster pump? etc etc

    I can tell you what not to buy hehe. Croydex Ab210022 Bath Shower Mixer. If this is what you mean by mixer that fits on taps? I got one of these the other week and it sort of just exploded when I put water through it lol. Very tacky indeed.

    I am also looking for one too, if what your looking for is what I think? The one I had before the Croydex was from Argos. It has lasted a long time but I really wanted something a little less plastic/rubbery. It is quite good, but with too much pressure it also explodes, but you can put it back together unlike the Croydex thing.

    You can see which one I mean here:…htm

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    i just want one that fits on the taps and let the water go threw it, we have a combi boiler.

    something that can be added and taken off when i want a bath

    I bought one and fitted to wall etc, turned out useless, the hot water didnt have enough pressure although comes at speed out the taps. and as soon as i lifted shower up it dribbled or spouted out the cold and the hot wouldnt come out lol
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