Shower pump stopped working

Found 10th Jun 2018

Our shower pump (wickes) has suddenly stopped working :-(
Can anyone suggest troubleshooting or tips that we can check.
It is this one:…206

Thanks in advance
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If pump makes no sound

Check fuse Consumer Unit (may be wired on its own RCD)
Check power to pump at socket where wire from pump is connected (using something like…525 )

If you feel more adventurous, check water is getting to the pump

Get the manual out and follow trouble shooting

Double check the pump is designed for the use you are giving it (head/flow)

Call plumber who is comfortable with pump electrics
As above. Always check power first! Fingers crossed!
If you know what you are doing, having tried all the above, you could isolate the power and inspect the pump controller for obvious faults like burn marks and lose connections, and if you own a multimeter, with the power still disconnected, test the resistance of the flow sensor(s) to check they switch when water is flowing through the shower.

Our Stuart Turner shower pump packed up after just a few years use, my brother had a look at it and it turned out they hadn't soldered a 240v relay and a few discrete components to the PCB, so a section of the PCB had burnt away breaking the circuit, thankfully he managed to rebuild the missing tracks. Lousy British workmanship!
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