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Found 18th Feb 2010
We currently have a Gainsborough Energy 2000x but want to get a Mira Sport. The cable is 6mm apparently. My question is, if we change the shower, are we likely to get any extra pressure unless we change kw? I'm guessing not and in which case there would be no point changing it?
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Depends what wattage the new shower is, unlikely to give you any more noticable power just more heat generally.

If you want more power you eed to go down the power shower route.
Mira Sport 9.0 KW is what I was told to get. So in which case we would need to get the cabling upgraded too?
I beleive you would need a 10mm for that, but I would advise getting an electrician around your way to confirm given your own requirements and conditions.
If the Gainsborough is old, you amy notice better flow from a new shower, even if it is the same kw.
Sometimes electric showers can get 'chalked up' inside the heater, (like your kettle might), and when they do they can't heat the water very well. To compensate for the water taking longer to heat, and yet making sure that the water leaving the shower is at the required temperature, the shower will generally slow down the flow to give itself more time to heat the water.
So you could get a new shower, or you can try to descale the existing shower, (although I don't know how easy / possible that is!)
Okay, thank you for the advice.
im a plumber best thing to do if you have a combi or condesing boiler is to get a mixer showere as these will give you a very good shower elctrical showers are allways rubbish no matter what you pay for them trickle a mixer valve shower will be 100 times better
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