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Found 6th Dec 2008
hi im looking for a shower radio, has any one brought one or seen any about?
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Awh..how annoying. I was just away to offer you a shower CD radio I got from John Lewis about a year ago but only used once (I have wireless speakers for an ipod doc instead)...however I am sorry to say I just opened the battery compartment and the batteries have rotted...must have been the damp from being in my bathroom cupboard! Argh!!
Don't know if you can still but them but it did work very well (just checked there is one on fleabay).
I saw one in TK Maxx Glasgow yesterday so maybe try there.
Had a couple of these and they just don't seem to work very well. Think you're better off just getting a regular radio and sticking it on the bathroom cabinet.
A friend picked one up in Woolies 'closing down' sale the other day for under a quid.
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