Shower screen leaking

Found 20th May
Can anybody recommend a replacement rubber strip anything new on the market and the best stuff to seal around the frame as mine is leaking glass door on bath cheers
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Get on ebay as many different profiles. You got to match it up with what's there. Also you may find sample packs to try before you buy
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You could use a clear silicone sealant (glazier's sealant) until you find the rubber strip you need.
Yeah as above- Measure the gap and the length then select the type that is the same should you want it the same done about three myself over the years in the corner is the worst bit like above said a little silicone can help!
Whilst we’re on baths 2 tips for peeps
1. Squeaky noise on hinge glass door-Just took mine off cleaned hinges and bar with brush- Wiped and sprayed with WD40 issue gone!
2. Black Mould spots on silicone and grout- HG Spray Black Mould Remover best thing ever no scrubbing needed!
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