ShowFilmFirst Email Requesting No Code Sharing!

Does this email received from ShowFilmFirst change things for HUKDers?

I've certainly not read an explicit prohibition of code-sharing from them previously...

...'Recently, we were disappointed to have revoked our ticket allocation for a very high profile event. This could affect future offers from that show’s promoter and this was down to the fact that a very small handful of people insisted on sharing their codes publicly on social networks or special offer sites.

Please don’t do it. It’s not providing a service to other film/theatre/music fans, it’s just putting us all in danger of losing out on ticket allocations from promoters.

We get tickets because the producers want your feedback on how the show/concert/event played (please don’t forget to give us your feedback!)

We know the overwhelming majority of our members understand this, and if you do see someone sharing across the web, then please either let us know or else give them a quiet nudge, ask why they are doing so, and point out that they are putting everybody’s enjoyment at risk, including their own. After all, if you received an invite to a party or wedding, say, you wouldn’t then splash an open invite across the web, would you? We’re more than happy for you to tell your family and like-minded friends about us (in fact, we rather hope you do!), but please ask them to sign-up so that we can send invites directly to them.

So, should we continue to try and build our offering? Can we grow our community together? Do you enjoy receiving a variety of ticket offers and not just for film previews, and is it worth pursuing?

What do you think is the way forward as regards discouraging people from sharing codes across the web?...'

What thoughts?


This is really unfair and we (and most of the membership) struggle to understand why people do this. Why post the code anonymously, and stop other members getting tickets, for the sake of giving them to strangers who wont even thank you?!

When we trace people doing this, we cancel their membership, and we appreciate help from other members in tracking down these people - it's pointless, and stops you getting tickets!"


...What do you think is the way forward as regards discouraging people … ...What do you think is the way forward as regards discouraging people from sharing codes across the web?...

In the absence of personalised codes (that are only associated with, & may be used with, just one account), what other method(s) to proscribe this practice do you suggest?

I've signed up for their email list thingy a couple years ago. And never received any codes ever apart from spam. Got a cineworld unlimited card now though, so it's all good.
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