Posted 19th Nov
Hi I sold something on shpock the person paid through the wallet and I dropped of yesterday they have give me a review and it says the money is still pending? But I had a message saying I could transfer now

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It's too early for this.
Clear transfer? Try again!
chimp14uk19/11/2019 08:50

It's too early for this.

I gave up after 2 attempts. sorry OP.
Sorry just changed it
Sammyjo219/11/2019 09:47

Sorry just changed it

If you dropped it round why didn’t they pay you cash on collection.

I’m not familiar with shpock wallet but I fear if it works anything like PayPal you could potentially be scammed as you have no proof of delivery as you didn’t send it track.

What items was this, what was it’s value.

I hope someone more knowledgeable comes along to help you out soon.
I haven't even the vaguest idea what the OP is trying to say.
On shpock I have sold something they paid by card instead of cash on collection and it said I had to wait for them to leave a review and press they have received item they have done that and a message came through saying I could transfer my money now but when I go on to wallet it still says pending?
If its collection, then you collect cash.
The buyer has more than likely cancelled the payment. Always do cash on collection. Contact the seller and contact shpock.

Did you say you delivered to their home address?
bozo00719/11/2019 10:08

If its collection, then you collect cash.

It was delivery, without payment being delivered, by the sounds of it.
Seeing as you dropped it know where they live?? Go round with the heavies??
2 lessons to be learnt here, take cash on collection, if not then wait for payment to clear before delivering goods....
Payments that are still pending will always be shown at the top of this list. If you are unsure as to why a payment is still pending, we recommend to get in touch with the buyer as there might be an issue with the delivery or the item's condition.
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