Posted 16th May 2020
is this normal...

so recently sold my Gucci bag online via the Shpock app. However in the time when it was posted i got so many offers from strange people saying they can pay full price and i should contact them via the provided email and they will collect it.

Turns out those people are scammers. When you do contact them as I did they will ask you for your Paypal email send you a fake email with you can tell is not legit from Paypal and give you an address so you can send the product.

Just to worn you..never trust those people the amount of scammers who buy high end products has increased since this pandemic. If they can pay via the app itself you should accept the offer!

Trust me those scammers will keep trying their luck as for me they have send me from over 40 accounts everyday a different offer providing different email addresses. Looks like they have plenty of time to spend.

As that happened to anyone else or am i the only one who got these kinda weird offers from scammers??

Please be aware who you selling your products too.
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