shure e2.....headphones replacement wire?

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Found 26th Jun 2014
Hi there ,a friend gave me an old pair of shure headphones which i think are e2 or a model like them ,but he cant find the cable they plug into (like a extension wire as they are very short and come with one) i have looked around and found it nearly impossible to find the part and the few i have found have been between £20-£40 which is a lot for a wire .......
so i was wondering if anyone knows where to get one at a decent price or if there is any other wires that i could use instead that wouldn't affect the sound quality too much

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£20 to £40 is not a lot for good headphone wire for quality headphones, if you buy £1 wire you might as well buy £1 headphones, spend the money & appreciate the sound quality.
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