Shut down PayPal....Help Please

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Found 5th Jul 2008
I will finally stop using PayPal and maybe eBay well both are run by the same idiots.

Oh well I sold an item on eBay, seller paid via PayPal.....and he raised a dipsute the next day even though I explained I'll post the next working day.

Well....He recieved the item but the fools of PayPal still had this dispute on, I gave them tracking number, attached the proof of signature...when he signed for it....but now they want the receipt for postage....Fair enough

I scanned the receipt but whenever I want to attach it, they a message appears "request entity too large." I called them and they say you are trying too send too much information even thought the file is only 320kb! So was told to fax which I've done but they haven't recieved it yet. Now I have until tomorrow and hope they recieve it as otherwise they close the case!

So anyone know how I can upload the receipt? Please

Really am worried!

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If they close the case tomorrow does that mean they've already refunded the buyer? And why did they open it the next day- seem fraudulent to me.

1. Compress file

2. Could upload file to imageshack and send them link

3. Could ring and ask if you could send it in post - then make sure someone signs for it.

Original Poster

Please ensure we receive this information within the next three calendar
days. If we do not hear from you within that timeframe, the matter will be
considered closed and we will find in favour of the buyer.

This is the phrase.......which states within 3 days.

I will try the imageshack tip as well......Just fed up with PayPals nonsense...The buyer had a confirmed paypal address....and had a feedback of 120 odd....

So don't know whats going on! I have faxed it three times yesterday....but PayPal have said if I don't recieve an email of confirmation from them by tomorrow I should call up again and they will extend that timeframe.

Fools I tell ya :x

You could try using the Microsoft Powertoys Image Resizer, it's great for compressing images down to under 100KB. It only works in XP, though, but there are Vista compatible ones if you search on Google.…spx

Good luck with the dispute!

i had this problem when i bought a fake chloe bag off ebay, i got proof that it wasn't authentic faxed to them by the company that checked, then i emailed & faxed them a copy & it was still showing up as not received. just phone them again & say that you have emailed to them & get them to mark this on the records & you should be ok their department that gets the faxes & emails seems to take ages to sort them
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