shut up woman get on my horse

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Lmao, have seen this video around for ages, makes me laugh everytime.

we all sing it in our house, it's also my OH's ringtone! :oops: lol

OMG!!! :w00t::w00t:

ha ha im laughing out loud - funny

Ooooh that's dirty!!



Look at my horse
My horse is amazing
Give it a lick,
"Ooo, it tastes just like raisins!"

Have a stroke of its mane
It turns into a plane,
And then it turns back again
When you tug on its winkie!

"Ooo, that's dirty!"
Do you think so?
Well, I better not show you
Where the lemonade is made!

Sweet lemonade,
mmmm, sweet lemonade
Sweet lemonade,
Yeah, sweet lemonade

Get on my horse,
I'll take you around the universe
And all the other places too!

I think you'll find
that the universe, pretty much
covers everything!

Shut up woman, get on my horse!

I cant tell where it starts or where it finishes lol, i must have listened to it 8 times over before i realised it was on a loop! lol


I love Weebl, no-one else reconise this from the 118 247 ad?

that was magical trevor they used wasnt it? not this one
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