shutter island blu ray play trade

    Someone posted this up as a deal but obvs its not allowed because its play trade but £3.66 for a blu ray of shutter island?!

    Am I missing something here?! Never used play trade but assume its similar to amazon marketplace?

    or if I make an order is a DVD just gonna turn up lol



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    Edited by: "numptyj" 11th Nov 2010

    Yeah same as amazon marketplace as far as I know, just ordered a copy myself as cant knock the price and for a blu ray

    It clearly says in the description that it's a blu ray so should get it . I tried to see if you can see what else the Ellet has for sale in case any other blu ray bargains but cannot see an option

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    hmmm now new and used is from £12

    maybe it was an error then and they've taken it off? I ordered a copy at £3.66 anyway so hopefully it comes...

    me too bargain

    Be good to see the blu ray come through at that price as not seen the film but heard it's decent

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    Yeah its a pretty good film. Let's hope now that it comes lol

    Just been into my account and showing as packing

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    just got an email saying you've been refunded


    just got an email saying you've been refunded


    Ah well I would be amazed if it had been sent

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    now im going to sue them and take it to small claims court as they should have honoured the contract...

    Same here, defo misprice then
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