Siamese twin baby Hope dies :-(…tml…stm

    So sad, hope her sister makes it

    Sorry if this has already been posted


    Well if it was posted before I didn't see it.
    This is really sad news, not really sure what else to say just fingers crossed for Faith

    Very sad. I hope her sister survives. But even if she does, she has lost so much. I'd imagine it must be very difficult to live with the thought that you're alive while (or maybe because?) your sister died.

    whats to say - doctors did their best - if thoughts were a power little Faith will pull through

    Very sad, rest in peace little one x

    Well at least her parents know that they did everything they could and gave her a chance. Lets just hope for a christmas miracle for Faith

    So very sad, all we can do is pray for little Faith


    May baby hope rest in peace and little faith make steady progree, my thoughts go out to the family and all those that have lost xx

    It saddens me to no end when I read articles like this. Its always the innocent and defenceless where tragedy strikes hardest.

    A little Golden Star of Hope has now made their way over to Gods Heaven and shines brightly down over little Faith.

    Heres hoping Faith will pull through.

    R.I.P, Pray for little Faith your twin will be watching over you.

    Ohh I didn't know this - another angel in heaven, god bless Hope x
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