Found 17th Jun 2008
Please help - does anyone know where I can get Sibelius music composer (computer software) from under £100 please
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Your son should get Sibelious Student Edition - it is aimed at students in secondary school. sibelius.com/pro…tml

The above link is a comparison chart between Sibilious 5 (the latest, professional edition) and the student edition - ask your son to look and see if it suits him - I would imagine he wouldn't need most of the features that Sibilous 5 offers, and that the student edition would be more than satisfactory for his needs.

You can get it here chamberlainmusic.com/pro…E05 for £114.94 (this includes postage) - that's the cheapest I can find.

I hope that helps!
That is a result!
Thanks all, he definately can only have student edition cause I cant afford sibelius 5.

thanks for all you help.

rep added. :thumbsup:
You're welcome.

It does also say in the product description:
"If you are a school student, Sibelius Student Edition is designed specifically for you to use at home. If you outgrow Sibelius Student Edition, you can upgrade to Sibelius 4 later at a discount price."
great, thanks
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