sick of bn charged by ur bank?
    go on here they can help.


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    Welcome to the forums fkelanne.

    i have been charged by my bank several times so i thought i'll give a shot in the dark and ring them up and contest the charges and it worked. you should try and give them a ring as you have nothing to lose. with my bank natwest they just asked me several questions ie. age, do you own a car, who do you live with etc...

    im on to the phone just now to the bank of scotland, i had bad charges 2 years ago to about £500 i had to pay them back,....... she said she is away getting a telephone number.

    from website:
    The legality of bank charges has yet to be ruled on by a senior UK court but these will not be enforced if they are found to be 'penalty' or 'unfair' charges. The law is clear on that.

    does this above mean its not enforced for bank charges yet ??

    It means that every bank is currently settling so that they 'don't' get a court judgement.

    Once there's an official court judgement it will start to become full public knowledge, be on the news etc and they will lose one hell of a lot of money.

    Most banks are apparently bargaining first, offering half back etc. but almost all will cave in the end. There's a lot of information available on the web about what to do and in what order and for which bank.

    i heard that if you do take them to court you can expect them to stop your account, bit of a job if you cant open another account somewhere else lol
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