Posted 22nd Jun 2022
I keep hearing about kids making thousands just selling trainers for over the odds. Is this still a thing and where do they source them from? just curious!
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    Don't believe anything you see. Probably a Facebook fad posted by people trying to convince others their lives are better than they really are.

    Buyer beware. (edited)
    Scalpers gonna scalp
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    My nephew does it. There are forums and conferences and all sorts of things. A lot of work for not a lot of reward because there are so many of them after each new release,and more times than not you miss out. (edited)
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    Not really relevant but nice change in username eighty85
    Aimed At me?
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    Not just trainers watches too.

    Manufacturers have cottoned onto it - stick the term 'limited edition' in front of a new product, hype it on social media and you can charge the sheeple that much more.
    I know all about the watches I happen to have a few myself
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    I went past Size the other day, and have seen it outside END as well, people queing up days before they are released.
    Was a Thursday afternoon for a Friday/Saturday lauch
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    Like anything can make money can get burnt. If there isn't massive demand may have to take a big loss or keep for a few years to get a good return some new models are massively inflated at RRP see the prices of the gucci adidas collections so large outlay needed (edited)
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    Gosh it’s no diff than the ps5 resales. Once it’s out of stock you control the price simple
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    Got Limited Edition trainers advertised on FB Marketplace at the moment, nobody seems bothered (they're a decent price compared to New from the manufacturer).

    Took a few attempts to get the ad published as Facebook doesn't seem to like certain brand names and assumes they're fakes!
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    Nike Jordan 1 limited edition they release them periodically and a load appear on eBay at inflated prices.
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    Yeh it's a thing, if you know which trainers to cop or lucky enough to win raffles you can resell at 5 times plus retail price.

    If you can get your hands on the LV Nike AF1 you'll make a tidy profit, already being sold for huge amounts, releases shortly.…BwE

    I buy and sell shoes and clothes for a living, there is money to be made.
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    I work with someone who collects limited edition trainers as a sideline. Expect to travel and camp outside sports shops and retailers for a couple of days if you are planning on doing this, seems like a lot of effort for often unpredictable results..
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    No real quick money in reselling. It's hard graft just like anything else you would expect consistent returns on.
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