side opening ottoman double bed where to buy

    Where can I get a double (4ft6) side opening ottoman bed frame that isn't a steaming pile?

    Recently bought one from argos (hygena Attenborough) which is going back due to being extremely poor quality!

    I would like a clean design not too fancy and no patterns that look like they came from the 80's like the one side opening bensons are peddling


    try eBay. I got one delivered from Birmingham. was hundred pound cheaper than the shops

    divanbasedirect are good beds - not bought one but have been to showroom !

    Land of beds

    where abouts are you

    costco have a nice one in right now if you can get in to their stores about £280 I think it is

    I second eBay. I got one which is proper high quality. I previously bought one from a furniture store which was turd, the ebay one is proper reinforced. Would love to tell you the seller etc but it was 4 years ago now and still going strong.

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    Zed2000 I'm in cornwall

    Don't have any recommendations but can I ask why you want a side opening one instead of an end opening one? I would have thought the side which hinges would be almost impossible to reach your stuff. whereas the end opening one you can see both sides and the end only the headboard would be hardish to get to.

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    Theres more ability to access from the side, access isnt a problem with the side opening as I had this one…561
    But the quality of the bed is shocking, the faux leather is paper thin as is scuffing badly through day to day use...
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