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Posted 11th Jun 2020
Hi all,

I was wondering does anyone know if a vesa bar exists that mounts onto the back of the TV that extends out sideways to allow two small speakers to be connected either side of the tv. I already have a sound bar located on a shelf underneath where the TV sits (I can't wall mount due to landlord not allowing any fixings to wall) so this would be the next best thing to maximise the potential of my setup and look the best for now.

Appreciate any recommendations
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How about a couple of speaker stands like this?…48/
You could in theory have a thin strip of hardboard (similar to what is but on drawer bottoms and cupboard backs) with four holes in line with your vesa mount; unscrew tv from bracket, place hardboard in between the bracket and tv and screw together. The hardboard would then extend out to the sides of the tv which you can then mount your speakers to. A bit a black spray paint on the board would keep the board discreet and you would never notice it there. With the right tools you could probably knock it up in an hour or so including spray painting it. Plus bonus you could easily hide the speaker cables behind the hard board.
B&Q with free cutting services could cut the wood up, infact hardboard can also be cut with a sharp stanley knife and snapped. Then all you have to do is put the bracket on it, line up the holes, drill straight through. Finally spray paint and mount.
Other alternative is ask your landlord if Velcro is ok, most landlords repaint after a tenant leaves anyway. so you could use heavy duty Velcro. Command strips would do it and leave no residue on the walls.
One strip of the ones linked below can hold up to 1.4kg.…c=1
Curious. Why do you need 2 small speakers either side of the tv, if you’ve got a soundbar?
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