Siemens Iq700 oven

Posted 6th Mar
5 year old oven. Just been writen off by independant assessor due to corrosion that has resulted in the grill dropping, rendering the grill useless and dangerous. Siemens refuse to admit that the product is not fit for purpose. Appreciate 5 years old with gentle domestic usage but surely a £800 oven should last and provide another 5 years before considering replacement. Anyone kindly offer some advice? Also, unable to provide or even admit selling the item to us even though we have bank transaction to of £1700 to include a few other items these too Siemens items. For now I would not touch Siemens appliances based on our poor customer experience. A premium brand meant to be, Siemens should be ashamed of their products. Anyone from Siemens Uk willing to address our problems?
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Does the independent assessor say if it is due to poor design or a manufacturing issue? Also what do you have in writing? I think you would struggle with this but you need to prove the issue is the product and not anything you have done. Also you should not be speaking to Siemens. Your contract is with the company that sold you the oven not the manufacturer. who sold it cannot trace it and therefore will not acknowledge the transaction even though we purchased a hood and a gas hob, all Siemens to match. It is well cared for and ckeaned whenever requred as it is a self cleaner and very effective too. The Bank shows monies exchanging with the and that does not help us moving forward!?! Siemens want that confirmation but they have mentioned in correapondence that due to age they can offer nothing. If nothing comes from both seller and the manufacturer, at least posting on sites liike hukd will raise awaremess and warn consumers to be wary of the brand. I shall not be purxhasing any Siemens in future. They are the higher-end in products but we've paid the ultimate price for a inferior product. Not happy but we are happy to voice our concerns and warn other potential purchasers out there who are seeking to invest in kitchen appliances to look at another group of manufacturer
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