Sign for your beloved football team or their fiercest rivals.

    So you are a footballer and you have the chance to sign for the team you supported all your days but their fiercest rivals offered to triple your money to sign for them that sets you up for life.
    What do you do, chase the dream or the money?
    Asked this question in work last night and we all agreed, take the money however a few years back a few other guys said "sign for their team"



    I would take the money and try to score an own goal each week. X)

    Sign for My team everyday.....
    You can buy that dream

    Sign for my team without a doubt, it's every person's dream. I'd rather cut off my tongue with a rusty knife than play for Birmingham

    I'd play for West Ham even if they were in a lower league. Money doesn't even come into it.

    i would pay my beloved QPR to play for them!......but i doubt if they will call !

    Sign for my team everytime, chances are i will be being paid enough anyway. I'm that good.

    Other factors would have to come into play as well, how good a footballer you are, and also what league 'your' team is in.


    I would take the money and try to score an own goal each week. X)

    Try? Would it really be that hard to score an own goal lol.

    I'd never sign for anyone but United, Although I'd be tempted to sign a contract at City with a get out clause of £1, Then I'd score several own goals..!!! I'd celebrate by ripping my shirt off revealing a United shirt with "Sign me up Fergie" and I'd give them a Cheque for £1 ( After wiping my ass on it of coarse lol ).

    no brainer your team every time cant even believe you would get any other answer mot
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