Signed Slash much is it worth? I AM NOT SELLING IT ON HERE, ONLY DISCUSSING!

    Hi there, I have a signed slash autobiography and was wondering if anyone has seen one being sold on ebay e.t.c. and the price.

    I do not intend to sell it at present, it does hold sentimental value, but it would be interesting to know, hence why im posting it in Misc.

    Thank You all



    No idea but I know my bf would love it.

    Might sound awful but wait until he dies will be worth a lot more .

    Probably not that much tbh. From what I gather, Slash is very happy to sign things. Quite often he'll be out in the town whilst touring (I know a few people who've met him in pubs/bars) and iirc you can post things to him (in the US admittedly) to get things signed (as long as you send paid envelope to post back).
    That said, I'm still jealous...


    Might sound awful but wait until he dies will be worth a lot more .

    Having read the book, it probably won't be too long either..,

    Original Poster

    Thank you so much for the response, I think I might just hang onto it for a few years then!

    bout 10p ;D

    Original Poster


    bout 10p ;D

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