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Theres a film I want to record on C4 tonight but I notice its "signed", which means there'll be somebody to the right of the picture providing sign language for the deaf and ruining the film. I've come across this quite a lot during late night broadcasting, and it raises a couple of questions - 1. Is it really necessary to ruin a program with sign language when subtitles can easily be switched on, and 2. Do the progam schedulers think all deaf people are insomniacs? I maybe missing something here, and maybe not all deaf people can read subtitles and are indeed insomniacs. Anyone out there know?

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They only put them on signed late if they have already been aired "non signed" - for those reasons I have no problem with it myself and think it's excellent and with regards to the insomniacs they can always Sky + or Video them to watch at another time.

I must admit I do find it distracting trying to watch something that's signed though.
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