Signing up for EGG for £35 quidco then canceling?

    I was wondering if i could simply sign up for an egg card using quidco, get the £35 from that then simply cancel or never use the card?

    Can someone explain the implications of this to me and such?



    It sounds a bit dishonest don't you think???

    sign up for it and cut the card

    Yeah, a bit dishonest, but I wouldn't worry about that. These banks make loads more money than I do! :whistling:

    [SIZE=2]However I am not sure it would work because Egg may not pay if you cancel as it says 'for a successful application' which then means that Quidco won't pay. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Although, as you say, if you don't cancel just never use the card it should be ok. Some people would use the card to get interest free credit and bung the money in an investment account for the period of the free interest. You would be a better person with money than me if you could make this work though [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Also I expect egg will do a credit check on you. That may not be a problem but it will be on the record that you applied for a card if in the future you applied for something else.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Therefore £35 sounds good, but is it worth it?[/SIZE]

    £35 is really good,I applied for one in April and it was £15.50 back then.

    It takes almost a week to track with me,at 1st I thought it wouldn't track.

    I activated my online when the card come and put it away safe,don't have any intention of using it.

    Now its £35,well I probably get an application in my partners name and see if any luck of them paying out the cashback.

    Actually I would only use it if something come up that I could only pay by credit card for,like Travelodge Saver rooms that I have booked in past,they only take credit card payment and your card charged straight away so thats when it comes in handy for credit cards,otherwise I'm not keen on them,too easy to fall into debt.
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