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Signing up to Sky Broadband as a 'new customer'

Hey Guys,

I wondered if anyone could help please? Our Sky broadband bill has increased by nearly £20pm. I had read that we could cancel and then my partner sign up as a new customer? So yesterday I cancelled the broadband with Sky and when I've applied with all of my new information, it keeps telling me I'm a current customer because of the address I'm putting in.

How long do I have to wait to sign up? Or is it just best to go with someone else? I don't really want to go with Virgin after all of the horror stories I read about their customer service so I think my other alternative is Vodafone.

Many thanks
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    You currently have Sky broadband at your address so you cannot order it for that address. You will need to wait for your current service to end before being able to.

    There are plenty of other internet providers, you do not need to artificially limit yourself to certain providers ...
    Just search your location for all providers available to you (edited)
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    You'll have to wait a year before you can be considered a new customer yourself. But another adult in the house can sign up as a new customer the day after Sky cease providing services to that line. Beware though once the line has been ceased you will need to wait 10 working days minimum from order to broadband starting on that line again.

    There's lots of other providers using Openreach infrastructure that have very competitive pricing who you could switch to though. Put your address in a comparison site like BroadbandChoices and you'll be able to switch to one of them without the lengthy downtime. Plusnet. Onestream and Vodafone (especially if you have your phone/SIM with Voda too - Extra £3 discount on broadband) have some decent offers going on right now.
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    I think I’m going to go with Vodafone as my partner has a phone contract with them so hoping to get it for around £23pm
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    The vast majority of customers don't experience problems but those that do tend to amplify them online (for good reasons) which makes it look as if the service is terrible for everyone. So if you have options like Virgin and all the Openreach supported providers, go for the cheapest deal rather than worrying about customer service. There is a lot of negative chatter about TalkTalk but I have had zero problems in over 3 years.
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    This is true. Im with virgin and they provide a fantastic product. I agree that their customer service skills are dog poop but i tolerate it for the product which is second to none, and their introductory offers ara good.
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    Sky seem intent on losing as many loyal customers as possible at the moment. Bizarre decision to take
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    Funny you should say that, when I cancelled, there was no 'how about this offer' etc they literally asked what day I wanted it to end and then processed the cancellation they couldn't have cared less!
  5. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    I am having the same issue because it thinks I am an existing customer.

    I switched to them over xmas but cancelled a week before it was installed. Now I cannot "apply" again as a new customer.
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    Takes 1 year I believe for the same person to be seen as a new customer
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    if you go with a new provider don't switch from Sky to Now as I did that and it was cancelled without telling me because you can not use the same landline number when you switch even though I was told when applying online via TCB Compare Broadband you could keep it. I have since switched to Shell Energy instead who will soon be run by TalkTalk. By switching you should get cashback and you can always do the same and go back to Sky at a latter date.
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    I did look at Now recently but got put off as a few people said that although it is Sky broadband, the customer service was not great when it went wrong!
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