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    At home I use a small PC as a media player. When i'm getting ready to watch a movie, the last thing I want is a pop up asking me to upgrade to the pro version or that an update is needed or some updates have been installed.

    Are there any totally silent antivirus solutions that will only alert me if I actually do have a virus.


    I use microsoft security essentials and not had one "nag" yet oh and it's free!

    If you are talking about the AVG opoup, then it should disappear after 1 week ( mine has).

    oooops, sorry I've opened the door to AVG haters!

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    Yeah i tried that, i found it was quiet for a while but started nagging after a while about updates, even caused my video player to minimise to show me the message.

    I have Avast free anti virus and this has a "silent/gaming" mode that you can turn on so you dont get interrupts.…oad

    I have had a "nag" from Microsoft Security Essentials. If you have not run a scan for a while it nags you.

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    thanks, i'll give it a go
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