Acer Aspire Revo / Intel Atom N230 1.6GHz / 1GB / 8GB SSD / Linux / Desktop PC…tml
    Seems to be perfect ( with exception of the minute SSD)
    Reviews seems to says GPU is great CPU is very average
    "all HD in 1080 P, and for example with the Vegas 1080P video we got very smooth playback with 10 to 30 percent CPU occupancy, with some 20 percent on average. On The Dark Knight MOV 1080 clip we were getting an average 20 percent CPU occupancy. With an external Blu-ray that connects on one of many USB 2.0 ports, we played Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee Blu-ray and we can tell that Ion can take care of it" taken from…=40
    I can find unboxings -…ng/
    But I really want to know if it can be hacked for 2.5" sata ?
    This is the picture is of the mobo for the Vista version…e=3

    I strongly suspect that the sata header will not be present on the £149 version
    Great chipset but i dont think it will ever make it to a netbook

    I cannot be bothered pimping this as a deal for so many reasons



    Hmmmm, MKV support out of the box?

    And without an internal sata header you'd be looking at either streaming or usb hdd for playback....


    Ion based netbooks will be out later this year, it'd be nice to have a dual core version of this as the n230's a bit lame.
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