Posted 4th Dec 2022 (Posted 18 h, 30 m ago)

How long does it take to warm a bed? I've put it on mattress and on it there's cotton fitted bedsheet and then the fleece bedsheet. It is not warming the bed for me as it should even after an hour.

Am I using it right?
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    i sometimes put it on three while i clean my teeth but usually 30 mins before bed
    then turn it off
    i make sure i cover it with my duvet else the heat is lost
    if i'm not feeling well i will sleep all night with it on one but usually 3 for 30 mins and off when pop into bed works well
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    Mine heats up in ten minutes, I only have three settings on mine. 1-3. Must be faulty
    Yeah, I've got the same and even the controller light turns up as well. Just not getting warm as it should.
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    Do you have a blanket over the top of it?

    Also note that it doesn't get toasty hot, but you should definitely notice that the bedsheets aren't cool to the touch.

    Presumably, the light in the controller lights up and you've plugged it into the blanket properly?

    Otherwise, @dorey69 might be right
    Yes, I've blanket over the top too. The controller lights turns up well, can't see any issue with controller or the plug.

    After turning it on for 2 hours, I felt very little warmth, just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong or it's the fault with the blanket.
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    I've had several of these types of blanket and have taken them all back because they never got warm. I'm still not convinced it wasn't just me thinking it would get warmer than it actually did.. you may be like me.
    This is my first purchase of electric blanket tbh not really pleased as of now.
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    What is the heat input rating? I have a Dreamland underblanket which is rated at 150W per side (300W on a king size blanket) which feels just slightly warm to the hand when getting in, but toasty after a few minutes lying in the bed.
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    I've got the double blanket so it's between 22w - 70w.
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    I have the climate control electric mattress topper version with 9 heat settings top & bottom on both sides. I switch it on for 30 mins on full & it’s super toasty. On very cold nights i keep it on the 9 hr timer on setting 3. Perhaps with a bed sheet & fleece sheet it’s too thick for warmth to come through enough? Try it with just cotton sheet over top?
    Thanks for the suggestion, will try it without the fleece bedsheet.
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    I have two kingsize ones.
    #1 on a mattress with just a fitted sheet over it.
    #2 on a mattress with a cotton/polyester whatever mattress protector cover then a fitted sheet over that.

    #2 takes a lot longer to warm up.

    I put this down to the heat having to go through two covers instead of just one.

    Take off your fleece bedsheet and try it.

    I always have mine on the highest setting then put it down to the second, the first in my opinion is useless. (edited)
    Thanks for your suggestion, will give it a try, now I am sure that the electric blanket isn't faulty
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