Silent PSU

Hey can anyone recommend a silent PSU don't realy want to spen anymore than £50

PC is in my bedroom and wanting it so i can leave it on overnight, but would have to be whisper quiet, because it takes me ages to fall asleep otherwise...

now if i get technical questions i'll answer with :?

thanks in advance


Corsaid or a hiper within that budget. What W is req?

Antec Seasonic + Tagan can be quieter but might go a tenner over budget.

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What W is req?

the extra tenner should b ok, do you mean watts... if you do i dunno... just want quietness whats the pro n cons of higher watts

In that case I personally would go with

Extremely quiet + 535 W so pretty good if you intend to upgrade.
Depends exactly how much power your current kit needs though.. and high end graphics cards for example?

Quick description

- 2 x 6 pin PCI-Express VGA Connectors for SLi Compatibility- Intel … - 2 x 6 pin PCI-Express VGA Connectors for SLi Compatibility- Intel approved ATX 2.0 (20/24 pin connectors)- Intel/AMD ATX 1.3 approved- Separate 12V rails: Independent 12V rails supply to MB/CPU - Meet UL 240VA safety requirements offer a safer perating circumstance to users. - S-ATA connectors - Manual and automatic fan speed control : Automatic controlled by thermostat plus rheostat - Extra Power connector - Dual Fan: The best cooling method for PC system, and is strongly suggested by AMD.- Active PFC function: PF value 0.99 under condition of 230VAC/50Hz at full load.- Silence: Acoustic noise is successfully reduced with two fans - FM & FC functions: RPM signal of 8cm exhaust fan is provided

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ha no its not high end graphics card its an nvidia gforce 6100 built in.

cheers for the info

Or a slightly cheaper one if you don't need 35 exta W.

Or if you really want quality this is the cheapest on the market AFAIK.. Quiet efficient strong rails + not hugely overpriced. Not done much in way of checking other sites though so kelkoo model you choose before buying.


Check amazon they have 500w (20db) from £17 to £25 several diffrent types and wattage


Check amazon they have 500w (20db) from £17 to £25 several diffrent types … Check amazon they have 500w (20db) from £17 to £25 several diffrent types and wattage

They may not be quiet, efficient, have strong rails, come with a guaruntee of equal length or be as reliable as the brand names tbh. Not the best part of a PC to skimp on.

I was looking for exactly the same and was directed to
Loads of computer bods who are constantly upgrading to high end kit and the whole trading ethos seems very honest too.

I easily found a Antec Tru Blue 480w PSU for £37 and am VERY happy with it - its as silent as can be, glows a cool blue and it only took 2 days to get to me, fully boxed with all bits.

I wouldn't look anywhere else now first for computer stuff!

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think seans setup is enough to give me confidence in his advice

I would suggest antec as well
you can hardly hear anything

Only problem was...I was then tempted into buying a beautiful black shiny antec Nine Hundred Ultimate case to put it into...not exactly money saving LOL
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