Silly 3 network! Need to leave the 3 network

Found 28th Sep 2008
Hey People,

My contract was to end so when I gave my 30 days notice, I was also offered a PAC code. Now this PAC code was soon to be expired so I called 3 up and asked if the validity of the PAC code be extended as I still had a lot of minutes on my 3 account. The customer service agent said do not worry if you let this expire then give us a call and we will send you a new one.

Now I call up again and am told I will get a new PAC code but will have to now pay for the extra month as for each PAC code its 30 day notice. So I told them look forget the PAC code just let my cancel contract on the day, which I've been told thats not possible as my PAC code has expired which meant that I didn't want to leave 3!

Arrrrgh and it makes it harder when the fools (there so called customer agents) don't understand the situation.

Any advice before I call them again?
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Sorry, this might not be what you want to hear, but it sounds like your fault for not taking care of things long before the 30days of PAC expiry are up. 30 days is a long time.

Your only option is to pay for another month, and this time make sure you use your PAC.
I appreciate the reply but surely if I called up for it to be extended..they should have told me about it?
Have to agree with Heavertron, if you don't activate PAC code, then your contract doesn't end. It might have been good CS to have told you but they don't have to, and if they don't have to, 3 won't. :x

You can try phoning 3 CS but they are, by some distance, the least flexible of the mobile operators. In short, you'll get nowhere with them. Might as well grin and bear it and make sure you don't make the same mistake again.

Hi,I appreciate the reply but surely if I called up for it to be … Hi,I appreciate the reply but surely if I called up for it to be extended..they should have told me about it?

I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. There is no flexibility to the 30 days. If you need more time you have to ask for a new PAC which will give you 30 more days, but like they said, you will have to be in contract to do this.
As the others have said. You asked for a PAC not a cancellation. They are different things in the way it works. However, I'm not so sure they can charge you a full 30 days if you left on day one of a new PAC. You're not on a rolling 30 day contract, so dont see how thay can say what they have.
Really hate the 3 customer service! Pants Blaady Pants

Spoke to the manager...who said the same thing and also wanted to ask them about the 30 day notice...even if I use the PAC code on the first day then I am still liable to pay the 30 days line rental...Which doesn't make sense...
Its the same with all networks, asking for the PAC code is giving your old network 30 days notice of your intended disconnection, rather than a actual disconnection notice. The dissconection is only complete when the number port has been completed. If you don't use it the network assumes that you have changed your mind.

Once the PAC code expires and you have not used it and still want to port out to a new network, you do have to request a new code, which starts the 30 day notice period again.

As the disconnection period is 30 days if you leave the network with out taking your number or by porting out to a new network they are entitled to bill you for the full 30 days. When I left T-Mobile I was lucky and they only billed me up to the port date, yet with other networks (some time ago) I have been billed for the full 30 days
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