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    A joke I got sent tonight


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    A bear walks into a bar in Billings , Montana and sits down. He bangs on the bar with his paw and demands a beer.

    The bartender approaches and says, 'We don't serve beer to bears in bars in Billings .'

    The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer.

    The bartender tells him again, more forcefully, 'We don't serve beer to belligerent bears in bars in Billings '

    The bear, very angry now, says, 'If you don't serve me a beer, I'm going to eat that lady sitting at the end of the bar.'

    The bartender says, 'Sorry, we don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings '

    The bear goes to the end of the bar, and, as promised,eats the woman. He comes back to his seat and again demands a beer.

    The bartender states, 'Sorry, we don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings who are on drugs.'

    The bear says, 'I'm NOT on drugs.

    ...........You're gonna love this........

    [INDENT][INDENT] [CENTER][CENTER]The bartender says, 'You are now. That was a


    :lol: very funny.

    Most of my jokes are too much for a family forum

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    :lol: very funny.Most of my jokes are too much for a family forum

    same here :oops:

    a few others I can't post lol

    having a good day chick ?


    same here :oops:a few others I can't post lolhaving a good day chick ?

    Yeah not too bad thanks hun, searching for beds and sofa's :roll:

    Still trying think of a clean joke, why is it you can only think of the dirty ones when you try not to

    Two women friends had gone out for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home they suddenly realized they both needed to pee. They were very near a graveyard and one of them suggested they do their business behind a headstone or something. The first woman had nothing to wipe with so she took off her panties, used them and threw them away. Her friend however was wearing an expensive underwear set and didn't want to ruin hers, but was lucky enough to salvage a large ribbon from a wreath that was on a grave and proceeded to wipe herself with it. After finishing, they made their way home.

    The next day the first woman's husband phones the other husband and said, "These damn girls nights out have got to stop. My wife came home last night without her panties." "That's nothing," said the other. "Mine came back with a sympathy card stuck between the cheeks of her butt that said, 'From all of us at the Fire Station, Well never forget you!

    Why are pirates called pirates?........................................Because they Arrrrrrrrrhh! the only clean joke i no
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