Silly me, paypal problem

    Basically I haven't used paypal for a few years and recently received some money to my account. I tried to withdraw it to my account but now am thinking that I have actually closed the bank account that I have withdrawn it to. It was meant to clear on yesterday and it says transfer complete in paypal. Does anyone know whether they will return the amount to paypal and if so how long will it take? I can't get the full account number as it only gives the last 4 digits on the paypal site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Are the last four digits your current last four if so I find it highly unlikely your old account and your new account had the last digits the same.

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    No they don't match up :-(

    They won't refund/return your money to you, as it states on the page when you are withdrawing that they won't be responsible for lost money

    The bank will reject the payment back to paypal. Phone them after 14 days.

    Find out the transaction details and speak to the bank where your account was to try to track down the money. They may be able to tell you whether the money was returned or not.


    as long as the bank returns it you should get it back from paypal, however I think they charge about a tenner (or used to)

    I had the same experience, the money was returned and no charge from Paypal.

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    how long did it take mate?

    I got mine back in a week.

    doh! you are screwed matey

    paypal will always do everything but pay out - sorry to say they will say "its in our t/cs" that its your responsibility to make sure that bank details are correct.

    in reality the bank will return the funds backto paypal, but paypal will keeep the funds and issue you with a penalty. so its a win win situation for paypal.

    harsh lesson, stay well clear from paypal- thousands stop using them
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