silly question but have a won the kindle ? i have 3 flamdeers

    I have caught 3 of the flamdeers to win the kindle fire. Do you have to catch more ? As it's just grouped them together. Sorry first ever post and
    first year of hunting the flamdeer ha



    You have to catch one of each colour, white, silver and gold.
    Good luck
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    Original Poster

    Ooh lol i thought i won .
    thank you. I will get the hang of this ha .

    You were right in your post. It is a silly question!

    Original Poster

    And your answer is pointless !

    This time next year you will be a wizz at it

    glad its not just me who is struggling. i just presumed 3 reindeers the same would mean u have won

    Ahh my question answered

    Yup I was a bit miffed at first also. But I soon found out that I will probably not win anything.

    Anyone want my spare for one i don't have? x


    Nobody will be winning anything apart from the new fictious members!

    just had a.....your batch has all been caught!.....flamdeers running out.

    Don't do it op the flamedeers will drive you insane

    I've only caught three flamedeers this year

    only found 2 myself after hours of browsing, voting, commenting, pretty sure they release them at certain intervals...

    Yeah you won!

    You just need to send the shipping and custom fee to get your win. Would you like the paypal address to send to?

    I think I've got 20, but it's taken over my life, it's pathetic.
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