Silver backing on ipod, can it be touched up? Made shiny again?

    Right, ive bought an ipod, the backing silver bit is slightly scratched, not too much.
    Do any places do like touching the silver bit up to make it look new or as new as you can?
    If this feesable?


    I've heard that BRASSO is very good for that..... Plus its cheaper, Needs a lot of Elbow Grease though..... Google it ?

    K ;-)

    yeah brasso is meant to do the job.

    yeah brasso as the other ppl have said - dab a bit on some cotton wool and rub it around in small circles - then buff it off with a soft cloth. do it a few times and should make it much nicer

    Agreed - Brasso...

    Also takes the scratches out of PSP's

    dab a bit of kitchen roll in some coke, works like a dream:thumbsup:

    Silver car polish will work. You can also use the silver wax (looks like a lipstick) that is attached to the bottle. Go and look in Halfords (though you might get it cheaper somewhere else).

    brasso is a little abrasive, i would use autosol or even try toothpaste.

    I wouldn't recommend brasso! Way to abbrasive, will get rid of the scratch but leave it dull.

    You need a fine jewllers paste, like they use for watches, I bought some from the states works a dream, best bet is to take it to a small jewllers and see if they can recommend something, they may even do it for you if you ask nicely.

    The only thing is, depending on how hard you rub or where the scratch is, you may take off the laser etch that states the ipod info on the back.


    Brasso may be too abrasive, would agree with toothpaste. Been a long time since I've done it, but I think i remember that working well. I'm sure there should be plenty of stuff if you give it a quick google.
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