silver crest health fryer £29.99 Lidl

Found 15th Apr 2017
Lidl's Promotions Management Head Office,

I think I speak for a lot of your customers nationwide, who got up early to pick up a bargain from your store to find that your full of HOTAIR!!

Lidl advertised this deal for well over a week, only to have disappointed customers EVERYWHERE! as after a quick call to Customer Service Head Office @9:15am, was informed unfortunately this item is no longer available in any stores NATIONWIDE!

I have 2 stores within say a mile of each other in Belfast. You would think this an advantage! Nope! In store at 9.01am, not a fryer in either of stores. Quite a few customers looking for the same thing, also disappointed! I went in search of some help/advice from a member of staff.

BTW LADS - ( Staff in Stewartstown Road, Belfast get 5***** for their customer service. Feelsorry for the day you lads have in front of you )

. This branch received "1 SilverCrest Fryer in their delivery! " Yes! I know with the advertised item been in their magazine, posters around the store too! The other branch up the road got "2 fryers"!
3 for grabs in West Belfast with approx a population of 110,000 people - give or take a few 100 here and there.
I wonder if other areas with even bigger population get the same deliveries?

So when the clowns who control stock availability arrive to their offices on Tuesday morning after a quiet few days break I hope you seriously regroup and consider rethinking your strategy. Do your homework before blowing out your Hot Air Offers. Would be great if you could think of your customers. As the saying goes, " The customers are always right".
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Sorry by the way for the rant!
Feel better its off my chest now
Sorry by the way for the rant!
Feel better its off my chest now
Heat for the rant
The amount of calories you burnt typing that outstrips what you would have saved using a health fryer.

Consider it a win.
It wasn't nationwide anyway. Only in northern Ireland as far as I know so you had a much better chance of getting new than I did
Have to say OP bought a slivercest breadmaker once
major design fault was chewing itself to bits
so you may have had a lucky escape
generally the customer isn't really right

btw you seem to make a point of 9.01 rather than 9 as if you were only 1 min after opening
doesn't it open at 8?
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