We are search for good pram , pushchair , car seat for our baby due in December :-)
    Friends suggested us silvercross! Just want to check if there are any offers or promo code?
    Also, what else would you suggest other than silvercross?
    Thanks in advance


    I had Graco pram which turned into pushchair and also came with car seat. I really liked it as it was sturdy and liked the look of it.

    it was also easy to fold.

    If you're set on Silvercross, Mothercare have the Wayfarer and the Pioneer in their sale, both save £100 and with a free car seat.

    I've gone for the Cosatto Giggle 2 which came with carry cot, stroller with foot muff, raincovers, car seat and changing bag. I preferred that one as we are both tall and the baby is higher up. I have a tiny car so I needed something that folded small too.

    I'd suggest going and looking and seeing what works for you. I embarrassed OH by taking them off the stands, taking them apart, folding them up etc. As I said to him, how are you going to know if it works for you otherwise? Once I'd chosen, I looked online and found a cheaper price!

    we tried loads b4 first born ...went with quinny buzz 3 pram we had so easy to push and sturdy and having 3 wheels made it so easy to manoeuvre
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    I used to sell pushchairs , what you haven't said is how it's going to be used... silver cross are great very well built, you can choose from basically 2 chassis, normal 4 wheel like or the classic chassis which is more like old prams, wheels don't trim but is perfect for long walks in parks etc... but is a struggle to get into a small car or on a bus! as someone else suggested find a retailer that stocks a range and go try them, the better makes have adjustable handle heights etc...

    Just to conclude I have a 4 year old and would not have bought anything else , I even bought both chassis , it was used heavily and still looks great.

    My daughter looked at Silver Cross but then ended up with a Venicci - this came as a complete travel system: carrycot, chassis with suspension and forward/rear facing pushchair, car seat and changing bag. They do lovely colours and we liked them much more than Silver Cross. However we did also buy her a Silver Cross buggy for quick trips out and this is very nice - we bought it from Toys R Us when they had a deal on.

    Go try them and also think long term. Silver cross are great as they have a higher weight testing

    We have a silver cross surf, have used it for both babies up until about 1 when we used both the surf and a baby jogger buggy. Our surf has never let us down, we didn't buy a carrycot as used the lie flat part that it comes with.

    Can't suggest any offers but sign up to Mothercare and I'm sure you get a voucher for a discount. Don't forget Mothercare and John Lewis both do price match too.

    If you're looking to save money then gumtree or ebay are good. plenty of people sell almost new buggies as they bought them without thinking if it's good for what they want and then need a new one. I needed something that folded as small as possible due to my zafira having a tiny boot with all 7 seats up so bought a quinny zapp xtra. you need to think what you're going to be using it for most. If you use buses a lot then you'll want something with smaller wheels as the wider ones won't get through the seats.
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