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Found 6th Jun 2011
Hi, I'm Going to the motogp race at Silverstone on sunday & i need some advice on car parking.
The last time i was there was 1999 & i suppose it has changed a lot.
According to Silverstones site it say's that it is free parking to ticket holders for the motogp (£39 for the F1 race), What i want to know is where is a good place to park, I'm not after quick exit after the race, i just want to park somewhere in the vicinity of the circuit possibly near the new pits complex.
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Last time I went for the F1 quali, I took lane 2 from the mcdonalds roundabout at towcester, marked media.

Flashed a Sun business card, got into the circuit at the main gate, turned left and followed the outside of the circuit anticlockwise, and packed in the main mass spectator parking.

and yes - its changed MASSIVELY since 1999. Is motogp using the new pit complex?
Went yesterday for the GT series, it was the first time the new complex was used. Very nice, paid extra for the pit walk, definately bringing the track upto international standards. Yes Moto GP next week will also use it.

The first corner saw quite alot of action, I can see that causing some incidents this weekend and for the F1 with people getting squeezed into the wall of the pitlane to get a better run on the corner.

Just drive up and there's signs, cones and marshalls who'll get you where you want to be. As to be expected loads of traffic Last year it took ages to get out of the car park so be patient, or leave early (but why do that!) or you could stay late until after every event as alot of people go after the Moto GP.
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Thanks Vibeone, all i have is a blockbuster card, would that get me through to the media village.
Thanks Super Leeds. So the first corner is a good place to watch, I have a roving ticket so i might go in the main grandstand if possible,
The marshal's do a great job, they were very helpful last time i was there, the police were very good & up for a laugh too.
After the races me & my mate are going to have a good walk about the place. We are in no rush to leave & the car parks stay open until 10pm.
I will head for the main entrance & ask the first marshal or bobby for directions.
Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

We had roving tickets but Abbey was £5 extra (charged on entrance to the stand). Village Corner was really good for overtakes and you can see over to Becketts so get about 15-20 seconds of the lap.

There were no big screens last week but I'd imagine for Moto GP there will be. I'd get settled at Village Corner for the day! Watch best part of the lap live, listen to the commentary and watch rest on the big screen. Radio Commentary is on 87.7 if you have a radio or via if you have a smartphone.

Pricing was £1.50-2.00 for tea's, £2+ coffee's, Burgers around £6 (divine branded), Fizzy drinks £1.60. Didnt get chance to sample the carlsberg as was driving home that day.
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Thanks for that info super leeds, very helpful indeed.
Village corner sounds good, On the silverstone site, the map shows two screens opposite the two roving stands on village corner. That looks like a great place to watch, plus it's near to the manufacturers village & lots of other attractions.
Thanks for your great help super leeds. I will have one of them carlsbergs for you & i will let you know how i got on.
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