Sim card for holiday in France needed - No roaming recommendation?

    Hi, am off at the end of the week to france and need to get a PAYG sim card with no roaming ccharges to use out there. France is awkward in that you need to provide all sorts of things to buy a SIM card (unlike the UK).
    My phone is unlocked so just wondering if anyone knows of the best deal. preferable from a shop (ie CPW, Tesco etc) where i can go and buy it rather than internet, as i am short of time.
    just want it for general calls to another number in france, no data etc etc.

    Cheers for help.



    vodafone has abolished roaming charges and it now cost the same ad it would do in the uk

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    Yeah, I saw that - however can you buy these at somewhere like CPW or any other shops, as opposed to online?
    I am very much a mobile phone technophobe and do not keep up with these things??:thumbsup:


    you can buy them from most shops like news agents etc they even sell them in homebargains for 79pence or you could get them from tesco instore or online for £4.66. But dont forget when you get the simcard you have to ring up customer services and tell them to activate a pakage called "vodafone passport" for free.

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    Cracking advice - many thanks. :thumbsup:
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