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Found 25th Jun
Hi HUKD community,

what is the cheapest pay as you go deal for a tourist staying one week... with at least 10GB internet? Thanks!
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Hmm, a true Pay As You Go plan which offers 10GB for the whole week is a little difficult to find, since nearly a lot of the cheaper providers (including no contract ones) don't have SIMs in stores, they're only online and posted out. An example of these are Smarty and Plusnet.

The best couple of true Pay As You Go (as in SIMs you can buy in a shop) options I can think of are:

Vodafone Pay As You Go 1
- £1 a day for unlimited texts and minutes, and 500MB of data to last the whole day. Use free WiFi where you can if you need more data
- Can be bought in any supermarket
- The whole week will just cost £7

Asda Mobile Bundles
- £20 top-up will give you 9GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts
- Can only be purchased in Asda supermarkets

Three Pay As You Go
- £20 top-up will give you 12GB of data and 3000 minutes and texts
- Can be purchased in any supermarket or Three store

Tesco Mobile Rocket Packs
- £20 top-up will get you 8GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts
- Can be purchased in all Tesco stores

Giffgaff plans
- £20 top-up will get you 9GB of full speed 4G data and always on reduced speed 3G data after 9GB has been used up, during the day.
- I believe they're available in most stores now, but they used to be online only.
Were are you coming from?
EU regulations means you if your from the EU you should be able to use your data, minutes and text allowances anywhere in the EU at no extra cost.
If you can organise a SIM card to be available prior to arrival: about £6 for PAYG 10GB or £7.50 for PAYG 30GB (both valid for upto 30days) from a provider generally unliked on HUKD:…ans
and noting: "Auto-renewal cancellation: To cancel the auto-renewal feature, dial *1160# before the renewal date and follow the instructions."
Lyca do a discounted 30 day £10 for 11GB

Wow, Delight's £15 bundle is 50GB, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts (aww, no tethering!)
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